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Jenni Burke: Proud Member, Spirit of the Hills

Jenni Burke was born in Port Hope in 1979, and still lives in (and loves) Northumberland County.  A member of SOTH for 4 years now, she describes herself as "an amateur artist working towards professionalism". Here's her story: When I did my first show in 2005, it was in a tiny pub in my hometown,… Continue reading Jenni Burke: Proud Member, Spirit of the Hills

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The Spirit of Sharing

"Drawing together the arts of all kinds, the festival celebrated visual arts, music, theatre, dance and literature. And in each of those disciplines, there was a myriad of creative expressions. From Flamenco dancing to fabric art to photography to performance poetry, festival attendees were treated to a rich immersion in the arts." A writer who attended… Continue reading The Spirit of Sharing

Drama at Festival of the Arts, Festival of the Arts Oct 24-26, Northumberland County

Drama at FOTA

Four short plays enthralled audiences at the Festival of the Arts on Thursday, October 24 and Friday, October 25 in Cobourg, Northumberland County. Below, Love on a  Park Bench starred Lasby Lowes and Tom Tordoff. The actors also had the honour of performing the entire play for the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario when she toured the… Continue reading Drama at FOTA

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What a Wonderful Festival!

Photos by Jeff Kitchen Ever had one of those times when you took on a big project, and worked really hard and, as the event drew near, found yourself hoping and worrying almost in equal measure? That's usually because you're taking risks and trying new things. That's the way it was for the people organizing… Continue reading What a Wonderful Festival!